Bruce Bent II

Occupation: Financial Services and Technologies

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Bruce Bent II is Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation®, a leading financial technology company, providing the industryís most innovative cash management and cash-related solutions to the broker-dealer, bank, qualified plan, and retail markets. Mr. Bruce Bent II is senior executive to each of Double Rockís wholly owned subsidiary companies and affiliates, which include Access Control Advantage, Inc., Intrasweep LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, Landing Rock Group LLC, and LIDs Capital LLC.

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Cash management and retirement service, intellectual property.


Bachelor of Science in Philosophy, Northeastern University.


  • Bruce Bent II is a pioneer in the cash management and retirement services businesses. His vision and entrepreneurial drive have been the catalyst for some of the most influential and relevant products and technologies in the financial services industry in general. With several patents credited to his name, Mr. Bentís innovative processes are the foundation for each of the Double Rock companies and have become widely recognized as the standard in their respective markets.


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