Tom DeLuca  is a renowned entertainer and hypnotist whose innovative methods have fascinated audiences and participants for decades. After successfully completing his graduate studies in psychology, Tom became a nationally recognized performer doing hypnosis shows for colleges, corporations and associations.

His performances were praised for the way they highlighted co-worker’s creative sides as well as their individual personalities in the most humorous and interactive ways imaginable!

His performances were so intriguing, far beyond just entertainment,that he began using the principles of his show to illustrate how people can influence their own subconscious for personal advancement.

Tom’s next accomplishment resulted from his busy schedule — and lack of sleep. After perfecting a technique in which individuals can recharge and feel rested in just 20 minutes, Tom DeLuca educated America’s workforce towards a more productive business lifestyle. His method was so successful and innovative that several of the nation’s leading news outlets including: Dateline NBC, PBS Health Week, and The Wall Street Journal, featured Tom’s technique which he trademarked as Power Napping.

Tom’s newest workshop, ImaginACTION! motivates individuals on an internal level. ImaginACTION! teaches participants how to influence their subconscious mind, allowing them an opportunity to overcome the noise and clutter of daily distractions, while simultaneously de-stressing their body.

Tom DeLuca Videos:
Tom DeLuca Media Reviews:
Tom DeLuca Education:
Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois
Tom DeLuca Skills & Expertise:
Delivering both great entertainment and genuine self-improvement.
Teaching individuals how to super charge their Subconscious for goal achievement.
Helping individuals to relax, improve energy, increase ability to focus, and increase productivity.
Tom DeLuca Related Websites:
Facebook: Tom Deluca
Website: Tom Deluca
MeritWorthy: Tom Deluca
Tom DeLuca Recent Events:
Tom Deluca in the St. Louis Cardinal’s locker room.
Photo Credit: Chris Mautz
Tom Deluca with a group of Trane Dealers at Busch Stadium
Photo Credit: Chris Mautz.
Tom Deluca’s enthusiastic audience at the University of Virginia.
Photo Credit: Thrasher
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